Mascoma Team Moves Toward Cellulosic Ethanol Commercialization

Cindy Zimmerman

MascomaAs the company moves closer to the commercial development phase for cellulosic ethanol, Mascoma Corporation is making some management “reconfigurations.”

Bruce Jamerson will transition from his role as Mascoma’s CEO to the position of Chairman of Mascoma and of Frontier Renewable Resources, Mascoma’s Michigan-based operating subsidiary. The company is in the process of recruiting a new CEO with experience in the biotechnology, fuels or chemicals processing industries, and scale-up of new processes and the Board has appointed Dr. Jim Flatt, Executive Vice President of R&D and Operations, to serve as Acting President until a new CEO is hired.

Mascoma has developed proprietary technology, called Consolidated Bioprocessing (CBP), which enables the production of sustainable, low carbon cellulosic ethanol. This technology has been proven in Mascoma’s Rome, New York demonstration facility and will soon begin deployment at one of the industry’s first full-scale cellulosic biofuels plants in Kinross, Michigan.

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