Sustainable Biodiesel Maker to Distribute in Rockies

John Davis

RMSEA maker of sustainable biodiesel in Colorado has inked a deal to supply biodiesel to a distributor for three years.

This press release from Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises
says the company will supply up to 4.5 million gallons of biodiesel a year for the next three years to fuel distributor Gray Oil Company, Inc.:

The biodiesel will be supplied from RMSE’s Colorado bioXchange refinery, a $5 million plant that breaks ground this fall and will be the state’s only producer of premium biodiesel from sustainable resources, producing fuel that meets federal ASTM standards.

“We are excited to be working with Gray Oil, a premier fuel distributor in the Rocky Mountain region, and market leader in the adoption and promotion of biofuels,” said [RMSE CEO Aaron] Perry. “This agreement helps us close the loop on truly sustainable biodiesel supplies that are regionally sourced, produced and used, while delivering highest value to our restaurant and commercial facility customers.”

Gray Oil chose to work with Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises because RMSE’s product delivers much higher value than other biodiesel fuels on the market.

“The fact that RMSE is deploying state of the art biodiesel production technology that can produce the fuel from recycled feedstocks such as used cooking oil while maintaining the highest quality and fuel performance specifications, allows us to deliver a premium biodiesel fuel product to our customers at price points much more competitive with petroleum diesel,” said Tom Gray, CFO of Gray Oil.

The press release goes on to say that RSME will be using a European multi-feedstock technology at its Colorado bioXchange plant.