Ma Bell Uses Alternatives to Cut 300 Tons of Emissions

John Davis

AT&TEfforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions are paying off for AT&T.

This story posted on says the telephone behemoth’s conversion of some of its fleet vehicles in California to alternative fuels are part of a bigger plan that also includes solar panels and recycling scrap metals:

AT&T also introduced a new fleet of alternative-fuel vehicles that will lower its vehicle operating costs while reducing emissions. In 2008, the roll out of more that 105 alternative-fuel vehicles saved the company nearly 34,395 gallons of fuel, and reduced emissions by more than 300 metric tons.

The communications company expects to roll out 43 alternative-fuel vehicles in 14 California cities in 2009. This is part of a company-wide plan announced in March, to invest up to $565 million nationally over the next 10 years on alternative-fuel vehicles, reaching more than 15,000 by 2019.

AT&T is also planning to install and operate a 1-megawatt solar power system at its San Ramon campus, producing power equal up to 25 percent of peak power and 5.5 percent of the facility’s annual electricity consumption… about the same amount of energy to power more than 165 California homes each year.

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