Basketball Champ Loves Ethanol Maker

Cindy Zimmerman

After four NBA Championships, Shaquille O’Neal is pretty much a household word. Now he wants a new moniker to represent his investment in what could become the next big household appliance – the E‐Fuel MicroFueler™ that makes ethanol from organic waste or leftover alcoholic beverages.

E-FuelSometimes known as the “Big Diesel,” Shaq said during a demonstration of the microfueler in California last week that he now wants to be called “Big Ethanol.”

“They showed me how it works, and it was great,” said Shaq, who is having a microfueler installed in his own house.

O’Neal is one of the latest investors in San Diego-based GreenHouse Energy, a San Diego based alternative green energy company. GreenHouse has partnered with several companies, including Karl Strauss Brewing Company, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company and Sunny Delight, to convert 29,000 tons of liquid waste into ethanol using the MicroFueler process.

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