Biofuel System Follows the Crop

Cindy Zimmerman

A Maryland-based biotech/biofuel company is working on the development of a portable biofuel production system called “Follow the Crop.”

kozakAtlantic Biomass Conversions president Bob Kozak recently explained the concept to Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD 6th) at his Go Green Energy Expo in Frederick, Maryland. According to Kozak, instead of bringing biomass to biorefineries, the bioconversion technology will go to the crops.

Following the model of combines that follow the harvest season, “Follow-the-Crop” modules will be deployed nationwide as energy grasses and crops are harvested.

These modules will convert biomass into high density biofuel intermediates, such as highly concentrated sugars, using the Atlanitc Biomass fast, low-cost enzyme system.

By creating a viable market for environmentally suitable “energy” grasses and agricultural residues grown in stands as small as 10 acres, the deployment of this system would improve the income of small and medium growers. This positive impact would greatly help rural economies throughout the country.

Read more about it here on the Atlantic Biomass Conversions website.

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