Phibro’s Process Optimization Seminar Successful

Joanna Schroeder

With today’s economic climate, everything an ethanol plant can do to increase efficiencies helps the bottom line. As a plant changes constantly due to inputs and environmental shifts, its important for employees to understand how process aids  including Enzymes, Yeast, Antimicrobials, and Water Treatment function alone and in conjunction with other inputs. Another area of focus was to learn about situations that can occur before, during and after fermentation.

100_0002To help the ethanol industry, Phibro Ethanol Performance Group along with Fremont Industries, Fermentis, and Novozymes held a hands on seminar in Minneapolis on July 29-30. Participation was limited to ensure the ability for one-on-one instruction and the seminar was sold out with 78 participants. The particpants are giving the seminar rave reviews.

Sponsor and participate Steve Rust, the director of marketing for Fremont Industries said of the seminar, “The first Process Optimization Seminar was very successful. The four companies that sponsored the event provided knowledge that was relevant and useful. The goal of providing training for plant personnel to more effectively do their jobs was met. Fremont Industries is committed to providing support for the ethanol industry.”

Phibro is planning on having another seminar before the year is out. Tom Slunecka, VP of Marketing for Phibro Ethanol Performance Group noted, “The agenda was packed with education and everyone learnd a lot. Participants have told us numerous times that the seminar was a tremendous value. We look forward to announcing the next meeting soon.”

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