New Biodiesel Plant Nearly Doubles California’s Output

John Davis

crimsonA Colorado biodiesel company has nearly doubled California’s total output of the green fuel.

Denver-based Crimson Renewable Energy has completed a 30-million-gallon-a-year biodiesel and glycerin plant near Bakersfield, California, the largest biodiesel facility in the state. Previously, California had only 34 million gallons a year of biodiesel production:

Crimson’s new Bakersfield production facility can utilize a wide variety of feed stocks such as waste inedible animal fats, used cooking oil, and virgin vegetable oils to produce low carbon and ultra-low carbon fuels to meet California’s new Low Carbon Fuel Standard requirements for fuels with reduced carbon / GHG emissions. Using lifecycle carbon / GHG emissions calculations released by the California Air Resources Board, biodiesel produced at the Crimson Bakersfield facility can reduce carbon /GHG emissions by to 337,000 metric tons per year. The facility also includes the capacity to process up to 50 million pounds per year of crude glycerin, to produce high-quality, refined glycerin, which is an important ingredient in a variety of industrial, personal care, pharmaceutical and food applications.

Crimson officials say they have taken a sustainable approach to their biodiesel plants. This plant near Bakersfield will serve California’s Central Valley, Central Coast and Los Angeles Basin areas.