Ethanol Night at the Races

Joanna Schroeder

Nebraska corn farmers are teaming up with the Junction Motor Speedway to promote Ethanol Night at the Races. The event takes place during Junction Motor Speedway’s Fifth-Annual O’Reilly POWRi Cornhusker Midget Challenge happening Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, July 29.  The race brings the best of the best to compete for the twin “Cornhusker Crystal & Chrome” trophies.

DSC00491Hamilton, York and Blue River corn grower associations, along with the Nebraska Corn Grower Association (NeCGA), are combining their efforts to be the title sponsor and promote corn ethanol during the two-day Cornhusker Challenge. Tuesday night’s winner receives $3,000, while Wednesday night’s champion gets to cash a $5,000 check.

NeCCA President and member of the Hamilton County Corn Growers Association Brandon Hunnicutt, said in an article in the York News-Times, “The Cornhusker Challenge draws a lot of fans to central Nebraska, to the heart of the nation’s corn industry, so it is a perfect place for farmers to help get out positive messages about corn ethanol.”

Rick Gruber of the York County Corn Growers Association commented, “We’re going to be on hand promoting corn and ethanol and everything that brings to Nebraska and the country as a whole,” Gruber said. “Nebraska is such a great place for ethanol production — we have the corn and we have the livestock industry to take advantage of the distillers grains that ethanol plants produce. Ethanol is a great win-win for us because other states can’t match that synergy.”

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