IFMA 17 Delegates Travel on Bio-Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

IFMA 17The International Farm Management Association (IFMA) was not kidding when it came up with its concept for the second Congress ever held in the U.S. Conference planners have woven the theme of “Food, Fiber and Energy” throughout the past few days of the Congress. However, it may surprise a few of the international delegates to learn their transportation is also joining the IFMA 17 Congress to implement the “energy” component of the theme.

Since Sunday, delegates have had the opportunity to ride shuttle buses to and from the Congress’ events. These Peoria Charter Coach buses are currently running on bio-fuels.

This practice is not uncommon for the company, who has been running its shuttles on bio-fuels since March 2004. And in its five year history of using bio-fuels, the company is pleased with their decision.

Bill Winkler, president of Peoria Charter Coach said,” To me, it is a three win situation…It burns cleaner. It’s cheaper, and it helps the farmers.”

As delegates look to the future of the agriculture industry, the issues of sustainability and a poor economy are sure to arise. However, Winkler was quick to mention this clean-burning fuel is mixed locally, reducing the cost. With these incentives, Winkler looks forward to continuing this practice in the future.

Peoria Charter Coach Company has served over 400,000 passengers since its start in 1941.

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