Efficient Irrigation Can Improve Biofuels ROI

Cindy Zimmerman

ZimmaticLindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic® irrigation systems, has produced a new biofuels brochure called “Improving Biofuel ROI Through Efficient Irrigation Solutions.”

The eight-page full-color brochure includes information on key biofuel crops, the benefits of biofuels, market growth opportunities for biofuels, and irrigation management recommendations to help growers optimize the yield, size distribution and quality of biofuel crops.

“Several factors are influencing a growing worldwide interest in biofuels, including climate change, rising oil prices, future oil supplies, and exploration and drilling costs,” says Dirk Lenie, vice president of marketing and export sales at Lindsay. “Lindsay is committed to helping growers meet the increased demands of a fuel-hungry world and to providing growers with the tools needed to produce more biofuel per gallon of water used.”

The Lindsay brochure provides a step-by-step guide to properly plan and successfully complete a biofuels irrigation project. Key biofuel crops discussed include canola, corn, jatropha, miscanthus, soybeans, sugar beets, sunflowers, sweet sorghum.

For a copy of the biofuels brochure, go to the downloads section at www.zimmatic.com.

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