Homebrewing Biodieselers to Meet in DC

John Davis

While the big National Biodiesel Conference is geared toward the big producers, there is a gathering for those folks who like to brew up a batch of the green fuel in their garages.

joshtickellAfter spending the last three years in Colorado, the Collective Biodiesel Conference is being held at American University in Washington, DC. This year’s meeting features Josh Tickell, author and director of the biodiesel film “Fuel,” which used to be known as “Fields of Fuel,” winner of a Sundance Film Festival award in 2008. Tickell will give his presentation, “The Trillion Dollar Energy Breakthrough.”

Josh will discuss ground-breaking technologies enabling the creation of biofuels from non-food sources. These technologies include: algae, biomass generated by sustainable means, and the use of innovative farming techniques which not only generate non-food sources for biofuels, but also provide food and support the environment. Josh will settle the debt of the mythological public view of biofuels, and will be map out solution pathways to fuel and energy independence for the United States.

In addition, conference attendees will get a free ticket to the screening of “Fuel.”

For more information and registration, click here.