RWE Patents New Algae Oil System for Biodiesel

John Davis

rweA South Carolina company has a patent pending on a new method for growing, harvesting and extracting oil from microalgae, promising dramatic cost savings and greater yields over existing algae production technologies.

Renewed World Energies
(RWE) says company president Richard Armstrong and chief technical officer Tim Tompkins have come up with a system efficiently remove nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide from flue gas (compressed CO2 can also be used) emitted from the power generation industry, resulting in clean air, and producing high quality, commercially valuable algae biomass and a highly nutritious livestock feed source:

“Being at the forefront of an innovative technology that promises change for the better across so many spectrums is inspiring,” states Richard Armstrong, president of Renewed World Energies. “We are seeing our goals come to fruition with a viable alternative that unites green and market standards and a day when dependence on foreign oil is a distant memory.”

Richard and Tim’s vision is being realized and met with fervent anticipation. In preliminary prototype testing, results promise dramatic cost savings and greater yields over existing algae production technologies. RWE has just constructed a new facility in Georgetown, South Carolina and is already negotiating beta test agreements with several universities, biodiesel companies, nutraceutical companies and energy/power generation plants.

RWE has made a conscious effort to “be green.” The site selection of their facility was based on being within a 50-mile radius of their system and is located on unused farmland, to reduce transportation and land use costs. The facility is situated on roughly five acres of industrial property, which is located near a major US highway, and 4 miles from the port of Georgetown.

The facility will have two acres of commercial algae growing systems, plus smaller test plots.

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