The Great Electric Vehicle Race

Joanna Schroeder

Year after year Portland is named the county’s most sustainable city. Well, yesterday, San Fransisco, tired of its runner-up status, challenged Portland to The Great Electric Vehicle Race. San Fransisco Mayor Gavin Newsom threw down the gauntlet and Portland Mayor Sam Adams declared a war. It looks like they’re off to the races.

The challenge is being hosted by Gas 2.0 (and yes, I do write for this site as well but does not lessen the coolness factor of this challenge) with the intent to help communities across the country” develop the charging infrastructure needed for full-scale electric vehicle deployment.” The goal is to engage cities across the country to embrace electric vehicles and develop infrastructure which will help revitalize the auto industry (or the new one in its place) help create jobs, help the environment, and help bring non-fossil fuel based technologies to market more quickly.

Before you jump the gun and call me stupid, yes, I’m very much aware that a major portion of our electricity comes from dirty fossil fuels such as coal. That is why the development of wind and solar is an important part of our energy portfolio moving forward.

On the Great Electric Vehicle Race website, there is a map with all the cities listed. In addition to San Fran and Portland, is Seattle. And that’s it. Come on America, let’s not make electric vehicles a technology for the Northwest but a technology for the entire country. Check out the site ( to see how you can work with your local government to create similar electric car programs for your community.

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