Blackhawk Biofuels Meets Ultimate Biodiesel Quality

John Davis

regbq9000Renewable Energy Group’s Blackhawk Biofuels has earned BQ-9000 Producer status from the National Biodiesel Board and the National Biodiesel Accreditation Committee.

This press release from the Iowa-based REG
says the biodiesel from the Danville, Illinois Blackhawk Biofuels plant meets what is considered the ultimate standard for the green fuel’s production:

“Today the petroleum industry is demanding biodiesel from BQ-9000 Producers,” said REG’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gary Haer. “This certification distinguishes this strategically-located, multiple feedstock facility as a high quality fuel provider for petroleum distributors in Illinois, the greater Midwest region and distributors across the country.”

A member of the REG network, Blackhawk Biofuels is a state-of-the-art, 45-million-gallon per-year biodiesel production facility. REG is responsible for all REG-9000TM branded biodiesel marketed from the Danville, Illinois facility. Blackhawk Biofuels recently completed construction to upgrade facilities to offer cutting edge technology for producing high quality biodiesel from a variety of fats and oils.

“Upon completion of construction, this facility almost immediately began producing biodiesel which met REG-9000TM biodiesel product quality specifications which exceed ASTM specifications. This BQ-9000 Producer status is the ultimate reward for the staff who operate this facility and the technology team who brought recent manufacturing upgrades to completion,” explained Haer. “Most importantly, we know that BQ-9000 accreditation means consistent, efficient production of large volumes of high quality fuel to help address the nation’s renewable energy demands.”

The press release goes on to say this is the seventh plant for which REG sells the fuel that meets the BQ-9000 Producer status.