Pickens and Propane

Cindy Zimmerman

T. Boone PickensBillionaire oilman and energy activist T. Boone Pickens says propane is an important part of the “Pickens Plan”, citing propane’s environmentally friendly profile and ample production in the United States. Pickens made that announcement at a recent propane industry event in Washington with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

PERC“America has the opportunity today to reduce its dependence on foreign oil while protecting the environment by making the most of domestic energy sources,” said Pickens. “Propane is clean, it’s American-made, and it can be put to work right now.”

Ninety-seven percent of propane used in the United States is produced in North America, with much of it coming from the processing of natural gas originating in the United States. “As more American natural gas reserves are tapped, propane production becomes even more domestic,” said Pickens.

Introduced in July 2008 by Pickens, the Pickens Plan is a comprehensive approach to ending America’s growing dependence on foreign oil while reducing the environmental impact of foreign oil, gasoline and diesel. The environmental benefits of gaseous fuels, including propane and natural gas, was another factor in Pickens’ decision to highlight propane as part of his plan.

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