Farmers Eligible for Wind Energy Grants

John Davis

usdaruraldevSome farmers might be eligible for federal grants to cover the cost of putting in a wind energy turbine.

This ZDNet blog entry says farmers and ranchers in rural areas with fewer than 15 employees have until July 31, 2009 to apply for the USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grants:

The grants can be used to cover 25 percent of the total installed cost of a small wind turbine system, or another renewable energy system for that matter. They can be used in conjunction with the Federal Investment Tax Credit that applies to renewable energy technology investments. Caution, in the information I’m reading about this program, it could take up to two weeks to pull together an application, so you probably don’t want to wait until July 30 to start filling this out.

You can find more information at this USDA Web site.

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