YouTube Videos Provide Ethanol Answers

Cindy Zimmerman

Will corn crop meet demand of both food and fuel? Even before the USDA planted acreage report was released this week, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) had the answer to that question posted on YouTube.

Geoff CooperIn one of three recent videos posted by the ethanol organization, RFA Vice President of Research Geoff Cooper says the 2009 corn crop is going to be another huge crop. “Probably the second or third largest crop in history,” Cooper says. “Which will be more than sufficient to meet very strong demand for livestock feed, for exports and what will likely be record demand for ethanol production. All of those demands will be met and there will still be a healthy surplus of corn left.”

In another video, Cooper answers the question, what is international indirect land use and why is it controversial? The video is only two minutes long, which is hardly enough time to even begin to explain the controversial theory, much less refute it – but it does get the main point across. RFA also has another short video with Cooper explaining why ethanol is not to blame for higher food prices.

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