Growth Energy Recruiting eTeam Members

Cindy Zimmerman

Growth Energy is building a team from the grassroots to speak up for the ethanol industry.

CEO Tom Buis says they created the eTeam to be “an army of thousands of ethanol consumers and supporters who are willing to take action to spread the message that ethanol is a clean, green renewable fuel available today.”

Buis says they already have 1200 eTeam members signed up who are armed with factual ethanol information to comment on blog posts, write letters to the editor, speak to local organizations, participate in community events, and contact their state and national lawmakers about policy issues.

“I’ve found that there are so many advocates out there that if they would get energized and participate, we would be winning all these debates in the media and in the halls of Congress and in the statehouses,” said Buis. “Now’s the time we have to stand up in a proactive manner and go out and tell that good story. Tell people that we’re a low carbon fuel, we emit less greenhouse gases than gasoline, tell them we create jobs and we are helping our nation address a problem that has existed for the past 35 years, that literally our economy and our nation are held over a barrel – an oil barrel.”

Growth Energy is reaching out to people in rural communities where ethanol has created jobs, to farmers, and to consumers who believe in the benefits of ethanol for the economy, the environment and energy security. Buis urges people to sign up for the eTeam by going to and clicking on the Get Involved button.

Sign up for the eTeam here.

Listen to or download an interview with Tom Buis about the eTeam here:

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