Biodiesel Board Rallies Troops in RFS-2 Fight

John Davis

rfs2bannerIn a move to fight a proposed change that would basically shut out soy-based biodiesel… the bulk of the nation’s biodiesel production… from the Renewable Fuels Standard, the National Biodiesel Board has launched a Web site to give people the tools to make comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal.

The RFS2 Action Center gives those who want to stop the change examples of comments, where and how to send the comments, and this letter from NBB CEO Joe Jobe himself:

joe-jobethumbnailDear Biodiesel Stakeholder:

Today the National Biodiesel Board is launching our grassroots response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS-2). We are calling on you and all supporters of clean, renewable energy to join us in urging the EPA to implement a workable RFS-2 program…

The methodology employed by the EPA to determine biodiesel’s GHG emission profile under the RFS-2 program is based on questionable inputs and dubious assumptions about international land use changes that assign future carbon emissions to U.S. biodiesel resulting from hypothetical land clearing on other continents that have nothing to do with U.S. biodiesel production or use…

We need as many biodiesel supporters as possible to submit consistent comments. (update: the deadline for public comments has been extended to September 25)…

The future of the nation’s energy policy and biodiesel’s role in it is now at a critical point. Please join us in this landmark effort to help lead the nation forward toward a more sustainable, renewable, and prosperous future.


Joe Jobe, CEO
National Biodiesel Board

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