SRS to Build Alberta Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

srsengineeringBiodiesel plant-building company SRS Engineering Corporation will put up a 10 million-gallon-a-year biodiesel plant in Alberta, Canada for ReNvision Biofuels Inc.

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says it will use a variety of local feedstocks, including animal fats, canola and camelina. In addition, the refinery will come just as Canada implements a biodiesel mandate:

The federal government of Canada recently mandated that the renewable fuel content for diesel and heating oil should be at least 2% by the year 2012 creating demand for 500 million liters/year (132 million gallons).

To promote mandates and to help with costs associated with technologies and market integration, the Alberta provincial government has set aside CAN $239 million [US $207.4 million] in funding. This funding has helped companies like ReNvision get started.

SRS Engineering will get a small stake in ReNvision for building the plant.