AT&T Launches 8,000 Vehicle CNG Fleet

John Davis

attFollowing up on its promise of putting 15,000 alternative-fuel vehicles on the road in the next decade (see my post from March 16, 2009), communications mega-giant AT&T has announced today that it is converting 8,000 vehicles in the company’s fleet to compressed natural gas over the next five years.

This story from the Dallas Business Journal
says the move is part of the bigger $565 million plan to run in greener vehicles:

The telecommunications carrier is joining forces with another Dallas company, BAF Technologies, to do the conversions to compressed natural gas. BAF will switch 600 AT&T vans this year, including 70 that will operate in the Metroplex, AT&T says in a news release.

AT&T officials say the balance of the planned 15,000 green vehicle fleet will be passenger cars with other models that use fuel more efficiently.

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