Mechanics Trained to Fix Hybrids

John Davis

naftcHybrid vehicles are great for the environment, but like any car, they do break down. A training program at the West Virginia University is teaching mechanics how to keep those green vehicles on the road.

WBOY-TV has this story about how 14 automotive instructors have come to Morgantown from schools all over the country to learn at the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium:

They’re here for the first “train-the-trainer” session, taking part in what many are calling the best course on hybrid cars in the country.

Knowing how to repair electric vehicles is becoming more important than ever before.

“I think what you’ll find,” said course instructor Mark Quarto, “is many of the companies through their portfolio have said anywhere by 2018 to 2010 that the majority if not all of their vehicles will be either hybrid propulsion or electric propulsion or fuel cell.”

This is why this train-the-trainer program at The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium is vital.

“We know that these hybrid vehicles are going to be the wave of the future,” Quarto explained, “so these instructors are here to train the next generation of technicians to train the next generation of cars.”

Another seminar is scheduled in a few weeks in Wisconsin and another later this year out west. The 40-hour training courses wil help not only the mechanics who will be working on those future cars, but of course, it will be invaluable for those drivers trying to save the Earth one mile at a time.