Biofuels Promoters in New Holland Tractor Race

Cindy Zimmerman

Chuck Leavell and Joe JobeTwo biofuels promoters took part in the 4th annual New Holland/Michael Peterson Celebrity Tractor Race held Sunday at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Chuck Leavell (left) is probably best known as the versatile keyboardist for the Rolling Stones and Joe Jobe is CEO of the National Biodiesel Board.

Jobe noted that New Holland Boomer being used for the race was fueled with biodiesel and he was proud to be part of the event once again this year. “Not only does New Holland support and approve the use of biodiesel in their vehicles, but they also promote the use of biodiesel nationwide,” said Jobe. Leavell not only supports biodiesel but ethanol as well since he’s a Georgia tree farmer and very interested in cellulosic ethanol production. “There’s a lot of experiments going on with several companies trying to make liquid fuels out of wood chips, cellulosic material and as time goes on it will get easier and easier,” said Leavell.

Here’s a video of Joe Jobe racing in the biodiesel-fueled New Holland Boomer:

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