Biodiesel Board Expands Web Presence to Facebook

John Davis

nbbfacebookOn the heels of its successful launch on YouTube earlier this year, the nation’s premier biodiesel advocacy group has expanded its Web presence with the launch of the National Biodiesel Board’s Facebook page.

This press release from the NBB explains how the board will use this newest medium as another outlet for biodiesel information and discussion:

higginsWith more than 100 million users logging on at least once each day, Facebook is the fourth-most trafficked Web site in the United States. Increasingly more people are turning to the Internet for information than any other media source – including television and newspapers.

“We’re using Facebook to communicate the promise of biodiesel to a wider audience and using facts to correct any misconceptions,” said NBB Director of Communications Jenna Higgins. “Our Facebook group is a valuable tool in our effort to help consumers understand what biodiesel is: a sustainable, cleaner alternative fuel that promotes food security and strong global environmental benefits.”

Higgins compares these new social media outlets to the modern version of the water cooler where discussions about the green fuel can take place. Check it out!

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