2009/2010 AFV Buyer’s Guide Now Available

Joanna Schroeder

afv_nobg_smallThe 2009/2010 Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) buyer’s guide is now available from the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi). This easy to use guide helps fleet managers who are looking for information on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles make informed decisions.

The Guide is divided by vehicle class, from Class 1 through Class 8. Other sections include Small Volume Manufacturers, Engine Manufacturers, OEM Contact Information, Industry Listings, a Cross Reference Directory and Industry Acronyms. The Guide includes basic specifications for all the known and commercially-available AFVs, engines and advanced transportation technologies.

“Oil prices are beginning to climb again and, every time that happens, AFVi is inundated with requests for information on non-petroleum vehicle options that will lower fuel costs,” said Annalloyd Thomason, Executive Director of AFVi. “The Buyers’ Guide is a direct response to requests from purchasers who want an easy to understand purchasing directory of currently available AFVs.”

The Guide is available for purchase exclusively through AFVi at www.afvi.org.

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