FEW The Place For An Update From ACE

Chuck Zimmerman

FEWI’ll be leaving the Fuel Ethanol Workshop soon but have several interviews to post over the next several days. Today’s a travel day back home after a week on the road that included working with biodiesel in Nashville and ethanol in Denver!

In the trade show last night I ran into Brian Jennings and Ron Lamberty, American Coalition for Ethanol. Brian says that although there’s a realization that things in the industry have changed significantly since the last FEW, he senses some optimism due to what’s happening with blending economics that are making their way back into the marketplace. I also got a complete update on how things are going for the organization. He wants everyone to know that their conference will be taking place August 11-13 in Milwaukee where they’ll be tackling a lot of the issues facing the industry. In my interview with them you can hear Ron talk about the work he’s been doing on blender pumps.

2009 Fuel Ethanol Workshop Photo Album

You can listen to my interview with Brian and Ron below:

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