Book Review – Blue Covenant

Joanna Schroeder

blue-covenant21“Where has all the water gone?” Asks author Maude Barlow in her book, “Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle For the Right to Water“. Living in America, many people may not realize that water shortages are already occurring throughout the country and more are expected if we don’t modify our water footprint.

Barlow lays out three scenarios that “collude toward disaster”. Scenario one: The world is running our of freshwater. Scenario two: Every day more and more people are living without access to clean water. Scenario three: A powerful corporate water cartel has emerged to seize control of every aspect of water for its own profit.

Considering that water is essential to life, the realization that water is becoming a scare resource is quite disturbing. Barlow discusses water apartheid, which we’re seeing in third world countries; water wars which are happening throughout the world and even here in the states; virtual water trade, which describes the water used in the production of crops or manufactured goods that are then exported; and maybe most appalling, discusses whether water is a right to life. Most countries have determined that water is not a right to life but fortunately through grassroots activism, this is changing.

“Every day, the failure of our political leaders to address the global water crisis becomes more evident. Every day, the need for a comprehensive water crisis plan becomes more urgent.” says Barlow. The answer, she writes, is a Blue Covenant.

The Blue Covenant would have three components: a water conservation covenant, a water justice covenant and a water democracy covenant. The intent is that all governments, worldwide, would adopt this covenant.

I would be remiss if I failed to say that water is a major factor in ALL energy production, both the production of fossil fuel based energy and renewable energy. The industry needs to learn more about water issues and continue to develop technologies that can create renewable energy while having the smallest water footprint possible.

Blue Covenent is a great book to begin your journey of understanding about water issues. To read this book or any book I review, click here.

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