Biodiesel on Satellite Radio

Cindy Zimmerman

Truckers and others heard about biodiesel on the XM-Sirius Radio Dave Nemo Show this week featuring National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe and singer/songwriter Michael Peterson for the live show on Friday in Nashville.

Joe Jobe on Dave NemoJobe is at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this week for the New Holland/Michael Peterson Celebrity Tractor Race and he gives New Holland a lot of credit for promoting biodiesel. “New Holland is actually the most supportive OEM of biodiesel in the world,” said Jobe.

He discussed a number of biodiesel related topics during the show, including the concept of planting oilseed crops in highway medians to be harvested for biodiesel. “The state of Utah is planting camelina in the right-of-ways,” Jobe said. “It takes less fuel because when you plant grass you have to mow it once a month, but when you plant camelina it’s one pass to plant, one pass to harvest for the entire growing season.” Then they harvest the camelina, process the seed and turn it into biodiesel to run their tractors.

Jobe also exercised his musical talent on the radio show, playing the harmonica and guitar along with Michael Peterson.

Video of Jobe’s appearance can be seen here on The Celebrity Tractor Race will be webcast live on Agwired starting at 10:30 am central time on Sunday, June 14.

Listen to or download an edited version of the Dave Nemo Show featuring Joe Jobe and Michael Peterson:

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