California Approves B20 for Underground Storage

John Davis

california_state_flagThe state of California has given the OK to store higher blends of biodiesel in underground storage tanks.

Previously, 5 percent biodiesel… or B5… was the limit that a 25-year-old California law imposed. But Biodiesel Magazine reports that California’s Water Resources Control Board has expanded underground storage of biodiesel blends up to B20:

The three-year variance allows underground storage of blends up to B20 in double-walled tanks and piping that currently meet requirements for petroleum-based fuels. It is hoped that the Underwriters Laboratory will have approved testing protocols and the required tests completed before the end of the three year period.

“I was not happy to see it wasn’t B100,” said Joe Gershen, vice president of sales and marketing for Tellurian Biodiesel Inc. “But B anything is better than nothing.” Gershen added that B20 is probably the most commonly used blend in California, and “going from nothing to B5 to B20 is going in the right direction.” He added that the California Biodiesel Alliance, which Tellurian CEO Eric Bowen chairs, has been meeting with the water board which has increased the member’s comfort level with biodiesel. “We’re forging a new relationship with regulators in California,” Gershen said.

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