Mini Ethanol Brewer Gets Governor’s Blessing

Cindy Zimmerman

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled the final production model of the world’s first home ethanol system last week at the California State Capitol.

E-FuelThe E‐Fuel MicroFueler™, which we first reported on here at Domestic Fuel in May 2008, looks like a washing machine and creates ethanol fuel from organic waste or leftover alcoholic beverages.

“Ethanol holds a promise of reducing the fuel costs, which is very important, because so many times we are all subject to the oil prices,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “But when you have those fueling stations at home you don’t have to worry about if a barrel of oil is $150 dollars or if it is $50, because that price always stays the same and it will be competitive.”

Schwarzenegger also announced that the state is exploring a pilot program using the MicroFuelers for the state’s fleet of E85 vehicle. “I think that we, as a state, want to be a good example on driving cars that are have a low output of greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Read and/or watch the governor’s speech here.

According to a company release, E‐Fuel is currently setting up a dealership network in 16 US states, as well as Ireland and Japan, with plans to be centered in major metro areas worldwide by the end of 2010.