Hydrogen Road Tour Finishes in Vancouver

John Davis

chevyequinoxhydrogenA dozen cars have just finished a West Coast road trip that saw the caravan of hydrogen-powered vehicles make the nine-day, 28-stop trip from Southern California to Vancouver in Canada.

The Examiner.com reports that the Hydrogen Road Tour featured a variety of vehicles, including the Chevy Equinox FCV, the Honda FCX Clarity and two different Volkswagens… among others:

So there was a configuration for everyone, from SUV’s to vans to the Daimler F-Cell that resembles the Smart fortwo, a compact urban vehicle. Fuel hydrogen is measured differently than gasoline so miles-per-gallon comparisons are a bit dodgy, but the Road Tour team estimates the cars on the tour are getting 60 to 70 mpg equivalent on the road…

Sandy Thomas, president of H2Gen Innovations believes that a hydrogen infrastructure could be put into place with public/private investments of about $15 billion over 14 years, much less than the Iraq War or the federal ethanol subsidy.

The road trip finished at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 convention… billed as Canada’s premier international hydrogen and fuel cell event.