WI Businessman Plans to Open Biofuels Stations

John Davis

A Milwaukee businessman has big plans to bring biofuels to southern Wisconsin.

This story in the the Business Journal of Milwaukee says Peter Grimes is opening a biodiesel and ethanol station in the southeast Wisconsin town of Cudahy next month… and there’s plans to open up at least six more over the next two years:

Grimes, a managing partner of AUR Energy Partners LLC, Milwaukee, is overseeing the conversion of a former Shell station, 5080 S. Pennsylvania Ave., into a biofuel station called Good To Go that will begin selling biodiesel fuel in June. In the future, Grimes’ Good To Go station will offer E-85, a gasoline and ethanol mix that’s 85 percent ethanol, and plug-in bays where electric cars can recharge their batteries.

Grimes and a handful of partners have a second Good To Go alternative fuel station in Little Chute in the Fox Valley that sells E-85 and will sell biodiesel soon.

Grimes says there’s a growing business climate for alternative fuels.

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