NC Alt Fuel Bill Could Give Additional Incentives

biofuels-pumpA bill that would provide a state tax credit for installing alternative fuels into retail facilities will be up for discussion in the North Carolina state capitol building on Wednesday. House Bill 906 will be in discussion by the North Carolina House Energy Committee that could provide a tax credit of 30% for infrastructure of biodiesel, E85, natural gas, propane and electric refueling infrastructure and a $2,000 tax credit for vehicles that operate on natural gas, propane and electricity.

“It is very important for the State to send a signal to fuel and technology providers as well as consumers that North Carolina thinks clean transportation technologies will benefit our economy and our environment. Supporting vehicle and refueling infrastructure tax credits does just that,” said Anne Tazewell, Triangle Clean Cities policy chair and Transportation Program Manager/NC Solar Center/NCSU.

The Federal Government now offers a tax credit for B20, E85, compressed natural gas and propane fueling stations and electric vehicle charging infrastructure equaling 50% of the cost of the refueling equipment. Federal incentives are also available for dedicated compressed natural gas and propane vehicles.

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