Hope Meets Destiny

John Davis

destiny1The nation’s first eco-sustainable city, which will use biodiesel, ethanol, solar and wind sources to power the community and its green industries (such as building solar panels), has been selected as one among 16 founding projects of the for former President Bill Clinton’s Climate Positive Development Program.

This press release from Destiny, Florida
says the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) program supports the development of large-scale urban projects that demonstrate cities can grow in ways that are climate positive… real estate developments that strive to reduce the amount of on-site CO2 emissions to below zero:

The Climate Positive Development Program was launched by President Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation, on May 19, 2009, at the C40 Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Along with the other founding projects, Destiny, Florida will demonstrate Climate Positive strategies, setting a compelling environmental and economic example for cities to follow.

To reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions of their Climate Positive Development projects to below zero, property developers and local governments will agree to work in partnership on specific areas of activity. This includes implementing economically viable innovations in buildings, the generation of clean energy, waste management, water management, and transportation and outdoor lighting systems.

“We are proud of the recognition Destiny has received from the Clinton Climate Initiative as an urban development that can help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Destiny will be a global model city for sustainable living, and a hub where the latest clean technology innovations will emerge,” stated Anthony V. Pugliese, III, Managing Partner and CEO of Destiny.

The 41,000-acre community in Central Florida was founded in 2005.

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