NREL Recipient of Recovery Act Funding

Joanna Schroeder

“The goal is to set America on a course for a secure and sustainable energy future.” DOE Energy Secretary Steven Chu


The alternative energy industry is already receiving the monies set aside to help spur the economy and reduce America’s dependence on fossil-fuel based energy sources. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory was the recipient of $110 million in funding, announced by U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu. The funds were allocated as part of the Recovery and Investment Act.

The funds have been designated to accelerate the completion of the construction of NREL’s Golden Colorado campus. Once completed, this research facility will dramatically expand NREL’s capacity for renewable energy research. The facility will be equiped with the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption, a model for future buildings across America.

The remaining $10 million in funds will be used to improve NREL’s National Wind Technology Center located near Boulder, Colorado. NREL’s Director Dan Arvizu said, “These investments are an unmistakable signal from DOE about the Laboratory’s central role in advancing President Obama’s clean energy agenda. It is a significant investment in NREL’s future.”

The announcement was part of a half-day tour of NREL by Secretary Chu and included Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. Colorado has been positioning itself as a leader in renewable energy, and earlier this year President Obama went to Colorado where he signed the Recovery and Investment Act into law.

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