E85 Revenge Verde to Be 100 MPG

revenge_verdePeter Collorafi and Douglas Pelmear have come up with a plan that they say will revolutionize the automotive Industry. Their V-8 engine Revenge Verde will have an expected 400 horsepower, 500 foot lbs of torque and will run on E85. it also will receive 100-miles per gallon of fuel.

The vehicle, produced in Indiana, is expected to be on the streets before the end of 2009. The specifics are “top secret” but the builders know that if they produce an engine that runs on just ethanol, they’ve created an engine that can run at a higher compression ratio, creating more power using less fuel.

Collorafi says, “We’re hoping to put production plants back to work again and producing vehicles. The true winner here is the Americans going back to work putting fuel-efficient engines in production vehicles. That’s our goal.”

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