African Nations Join Global Renewable Fuels Group

Cindy Zimmerman

Global RFAFourteen southern African nations are now members of the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance.

The Southern African Biofuels Alliance has joined forces alliance to help “promote biofuels friendly policies throughout the world.”

Andrew Makenete, President of the Southern African Biofuels Association (SABA) called on other nations to speak out in favour of policies that would promote investment in biofuels particularly in developing countries.

South African biofuels“Biofuels represent an enormous opportunity for developing countries particularly those reliant on crude imports,” Makenete explained. “A sustainable biofuels industry utilizing multiple feedstocks will attract investments in agriculture, reduce our reliance on imported energy and improve income levels. This is a win, win, win for developing countries.”

The Global Renewable Fuels Alliance represents over 65% of the global biofuels production from 43 countries including Canada, the United States, Argentina, 22 European countries and now 14 African nations. Through the development of new technologies and best practices, Alliance members are committed to producing renewable fuels with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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