Record Crowd at Biomass Expo

Cindy Zimmerman

biomass expoThe 2009 International BIOMASS Conference & Expo this week in Portland, Oregon boasted a record crowd of more than 1,000 attendees representing 25 nations, according to organizer BBI International.

“Biomass will change the world’s energy future,” said Mike Bryan, CEO of BBI International, who gave the opening remarks. “[Biomass-derived power] will do this in a way that does not create global conflict … as an ambassador for peace.”

The importance of biomass as a solution to ever-increasing energy demands was emphasized by each opening speaker. America’s dependence on foreign energy sources was a particular concern highlighted by all.

“Oil is the single-largest cause of inflation,” said Michael Grainey, the Oregon Director of Energy, who welcomed the crowd to Oregon and the conference. “We spend nearly a billion dollars a year on energy in the state of Oregon. But that bill would be nearly a billion dollars higher without the steps we have taken to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

The conference runs through Thursday April 30.

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