Ethanol Groups Disappointed by California Ruling

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol interests are expressing their disappointment in this week’s ruling by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to adopt a low carbon fuel standard that uses controversial methods to determine indirect land use changes attributable to biofuels.

RFA“Adopting this standard sets a dangerous precedent about the application of unproven science to industries across the country,” said Bob Dinneen, President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association. “This standard is based on flawed analysis and selectively enforced penalties against biofuels only. In unfairly penalizing ethanol, ARB is relegating California to more petroleum use as biofuels are the only viable alternative liquid fuel.”

Growth EnergyGeneral Wesley Clark, co-chairman of Growth Energy agrees. “This was a poor decision, based on shaky science, not only for California, but for the nation. It is unfair to selectively single out the indirect effects of one fuel pathway while ignoring the significant indirect effects of all other fuels, including petroleum. (This) decision puts another road block in moving away from dependence on fossil fuels and stifles development of the emerging cellulosic industry.”

In issuing the decision, RFA notes that the Board also voted to form an expert work group which may still provide an opportunity to improve the standard. “Forming such a group is a clear signal that several important questions regarding the science and methodology used to develop and implement this standard remain unanswered,” said Dinneen.

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