Canadian’s Support of Biofuels Strong

Joanna Schroeder

canadian-rfa-logoPublic support for biofuels continues to grow in Canada according to national poll results released today. The poll was conducted by Praxicus Public Strategies and funded by the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association.

When respondents were asked if they support replacing some fossil fuels with renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, 69 percent said yes. This is an improvement from last year’s results. In addition, 76 percent of respondents support the passing of a five percent renewable fuel standard by 2010 and 87 percent support federal policies that would encourage the development of next generation biofuels.

Environmental support also scored high with Canadians strongly supporting the development of environmentally friendly and viable alternatives to fossil fuels as part of an “Energy and Environment” agenda. Respondents want to see increased fuel efficiency at the top of the agenda followed by alternative fuel development. Support for both of these policies scored higher than regulating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The poll was conducted April 15-18, 2009 had a national sample of 1,000 Canadians. It has a margin or error +3.1% nineteen times out of twenty. To learn more about the poll and its results, visit

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