Community Wind Web Conference Announced

Joanna Schroeder

green_energy_logo2Looking for an environmentally friendly way to discuss the power of wind? On May 26-27, 2009, Green Energy Web Conferences is hosting a web conference to discuss opportunities, trends and challenges related to community wind energy projects. More than 25 North American experts will be on hand from organizations including American Wind Energy Association, Windustry, the World Wind Energy Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Citibank, and more.

At a time when communities are trying to find new and affordable sources of energy, wind energy projects that are mid-scale, locally owned and designed to maximize benefits at the local level provide a compelling alternative to traditional large scale developments.

Issues to be discussed include costs, funding opportunities, approval process, selling energy, green energy credits, and CO2 emissions rights. Best Practice case studies will also be presented.

“When you include the savings from travel, hotel, and restaurant costs, a web conference costs only 10 percent of attendance at a traditional conference,” says Mathijs Gajentaan, CEO of Green Energy Web Conferences. “We’ve set it up interactively, so you can ask the speaker questions, browse the attendees’ profiles to see what they are doing and looking for, and connect with them. And if you can’t attend any of the live sessions, you can review the presentations at your convenience.”

Visit Green Energy Web Conferences’ website for a full list of speakers and for registration information. Through May 1, the cost of a conference pass ranges from $149 to $199, with discount codes available upon request for professional associations, non-profit organizations and academic institutions to extend to their members.

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