Visitors to Pearl Harbor Heroes Shuttled on Biodiesel

John Davis

ussarizona1It was the scene of the “day that would live in infamy.” Now, visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii will be able to pay homage to the more than 1,000 heroes honored with a renewable energy source: biodiesel.

Biodiesel Magazine reports
that the shuttle boats running on 20 percent biodiesel from locally owned Pacific Biodiesel, which makes the green fuel from recycled cooking oil, will take passengers to that historic ship:

“Our process accomplishes two important tasks of dire importance, especially for an island community,” explained Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King. “We are recycling waste at a tremendous rate and we are creating a clean renewable fuel.”

Aloha Petroleum currently delivers the biodiesel blend to the Navy’s new clean diesel shuttle fleet. An activation ceremony featuring Hawai’i senior senator Daniel Inouye was held for the first vessel of this new fleet, which arrived in March and is named the John W. Finn in honor of the Medal of Honor recipient and Pearl Harbor attack survivor. The ceremony took place on April 7, 2009 at the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center.

Biodiesel’s ability to biodegrade in water, along with its clean-burning nature, make the fuel perfect for the pristine environment of the blue waters of Pearl Harbor. Maybe one day the only oil around the storied ship will be the drops that still weep from the Arizona in honor of the 1,177 brave Americans who perished on that fateful day.