Verenium Introduces Veretase

Joanna Schroeder

Verenium Corporation today announced a new enzyme for the food and beverage industry called Veretase.  This enzyme was pic_global_header_logo4developed for the liquefaction of starch-based mashes and slurries specifically for use in food and beverage applications. The enzyme improves saccharification and fermentation efficiency and consistency.

“Verenium is pleased to introduce this unique enzyme specifically designed to improve the economics and efficiency in the sweetener and beverage alcohol production market,” said Janet Roemer, Verenium’s Executive Vice President, Specialty Enzymes Business. “Veretase will offer customers greater operational flexibility in the plant reducing processing costs considerably.”

The company also produces specialty enzymes for the cellulosic biofuels market and is currently engaged in a joint venture with BP to develop and bring to cellulosic ethanol to market.

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