Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor Hits the Market

John Davis

phettA Longview, Texas-based maker of terminal tractors has introduced a hybrid electric version of the vehicle.

This press release from Capacity of Texas announces the PHETT… Pluggable Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor:

“As a leader in the terminal tractor industry, we are pleased to offer our Pluggable Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor. Developed and built in Longview, TX, through a grant from the Texas Environmental Research Consortium and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, this product will change perceptions and reduce operational expense of terminal tractors. The PHETT(TM) will also reduce emissions at all Ports, Intermodal Yards and Warehousing/Distribution Centers not only in North America, but throughout the world,” stated Phillip Ford, President of Capacity of Texas.

The PHETT is a charge sustaining series hybrid that utilizes a constant and efficient rate generator to supply power, reducing fuel consumption by 60% and audible db by 30%. With the lowest operational cost per hour, the PHETT also incorporates an AC traction motor and on-board grid-charging system. Integration and introduction of this technology into the flagship Capacity Trailer Jockey(R) line included review and redesign of front & rear axles, steering system, frame structure, suspension and isolation of components as well as adjustments for cab interior space requirements; all resulting in optimum performance and design for terminal tractor applications.

Capacity of Texas is the biggest American owned manufacturer of terminal tractors in North America.