Verenium Announces Organizational Changes

Joanna Schroeder

pic_global_header_logo3Changes are afoot at the Verenium Corporation due to its commercial joint venture with BP. The two companies are consolidating their research and development departments which includes the demonstration-scale biofuels facility located in Jennings, Louisiana. Gregory Powers, Ph.D., Executive Vice President R&D, will be the new head of this consolidated team.

Verenium is working to develop and bring to market cellulosic ethanol. The company also develops specialty enzymes for the biofuels industry. Its partnership with BP, which was announced in February of this year, was formed to bring advanced biofuels to the consumer market. These advanced biofuels will be developed and tested at their 1.4 million-gallon-per-year demonstration-scale facility.

John R. Malloy, former Executive Vice President of Biofuels, has left Verenium to pursue other opportunities, but according to company sources, he will continue to serve as a company consultant.