Just Scratching the Surface of Biodiesel’s Potential

John Davis

centerevergreenGrowing biodiesel oilseed feedstocks along the nation’s highways… capturing the power of the sun by growing algae for biodiesel production… finding multiple uses for the by-products of biodiesel refining… the U.S. is just scratching the surface of the potential biodiesel holds for this country. Those are just some of the findings of a new report.

Entitled “High Yield Pathways for Production,” from the St. Louis, Mo.-based Center for Evergreen Energy , it represents the center’s mission of linking global research, business and policy issues to sustainable energy solutions. This press release has details:

The report released today summarizes findings about biodiesel, which is already the only commercially available advanced biofuel and the most diverse fuel on the planet. The findings are the result of the first symposium hosted by the Center for Evergreen Energy that convened alternative fuels research, industry and policy representatives on Nov. 21, 2008 at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis.

“The Center for Evergreen Energy looks forward to aiding the biodiesel industry in strategies to meet the demand for renewable energy,” said Jay DeLong, Board Member of the Center for Evergreen Energy. The national center links global research, business and policy issues to improve products, processes, environmental acceptance and public adoption of sustainable energy solutions. “We plan on sharing this report with government agencies and the scientific community to give some direction to what research is needed to expand feestocks for biodiesel production.”

The algae working group, a promising source of biodiesel began their discussion with the important premise that a permanent energy solution depends on plants to capture some of the 20,000 terawatts of sunlight that fall on the earth.

You can read the full report for yourself at the center’s Web page: www.centergreen.org.