Energy Outlook

Chuck Zimmerman

Farm Foundation Michael SchaalMichael Schaal is with the Energy Information Administration which is part of the U. S. Dept. of Energy. He spoke early on the program at the Farm Foundation conference about the global outlook for energy.

He says they were actually looking at trends through 2030. He says that developing countries will be significantly increasing their fuel consumption which will be driven by the increase in the number of vehicles they have. All sorts of fuel production will be needed to meet this growing need. He says that with low world oil prices the production of biofuels is low and conversely, if we see higher oil prices then we’ll see greater production of biofuels. So the uncertainty of the price of oil is key to the development of biofuels. This is something all the speakers have mentioned today.

You can listen to my interview with Michael here: [audio:]

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You can find photos from the conference here:
Transition To A Bio Economy Conference: Global & Trade Issues Photo Album

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