Biodiesel Hybrid to Get 100 MPG

John Davis

lh4A Colorado company is getting ready to debut a biodiesel hybrid officials claim will get 100 miles per gallon… if they can get it finished for an upcoming auto show.

KMGH-TV in Denver reports Lightning Hybrids of Loveland is unveiling a vehicle this Wednesday at the Denver auto show… although company Chief Executive Officer Dan Johnson admits they need to finish the prototype, including getting in painted in time:

“We are jazzed, we are really jazzed,” said Johnson.

The company is unveiling the LH4, a biodiesel, hydraulic hybrid.

“It’s a sports sedan, very practical, four-seater, and has some storage,” said Johnson.

The company is also building the LH3, a three-wheeled version that also has four seats.

The hybrid drivetrain uses two different power sources, biodiesel fuel and hydraulics, which helps with the acceleration.

Lightning Hybrids also hopes to get some money from the city of Loveland… a $100,000 cash incentive, $50,000 for a performance agreement and $50,000 after the company hires 25 employees… to get the operation going. They hope to have the cars on the market by the spring of 2011. Better get your financial incentives in order by then if you want to purchase one. Cost is expected to be between $50,000 and $60,000.