Wind Energy For the Rest of Us

Joanna Schroeder

windspire_at_capitol1I love wind energy and I’ve been wanting a wind turbine for my home for awhile. So much so that I’ve been sending out communications on my Twitter account (ID – jmschroeder). Well, I’ve finally found one. The product is called Windspire and it is produced by Mariah Power, founded in 2005. It is 30 feet tall by 2 feet wide. It is propeller free (no worries about the birds here folks), quiet and perfect for office buildings, government buildings and homes. Since May 2008, there has been a Windspire on display in the United States Botanic Gardens.

What else is cool about Mariah Power is that they are putting people back to work. On April 20, 2009 they will be opening their new manufacturing facility in Manistee, Michigan, an area especially hard hit due to the decline of Detroit’s auto industry. The facility will put 140 people to work over the next 3 years. Check out this video that highlights the community as it builds the new plant and residents get ready to go back to work.

The cost per Windspire is approximately $6,500 but with the incentives from the Reinvestment and Recovery Act, which covers 30% of the cost for both purchase and installation, you could install your own wind energy source for as little as $4,500. I’m not sure how quickly you’d see you return on investment (I’m sure it is fairly quickly especially for government and office buildings), but in my book it’s immediate when you can reduce or even eliminate the use of fossil fuel based energy sources. Green, renewable energy rocks!

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