Get Personal With Biodiesel on Twitter

Chuck Zimmerman

National Biodiesel BoardThe National Biodiesel Board has joined the online conversation on Twitter.

Today several of us have joined Twitter, to help answer your questions and discuss anything you feel like talking about in the biodiesel world. Whether you want to know if there is a biodiesel pump in your town, or have technical questions, or want to talk about anything biodiesel at all, we want to hear from you! If we don’t find you first, you can follow these National Biodiesel Board representatives on Twitter by clicking on the user name:

Biodiesel_Voice, Jenna Higgins/Director of Communications
Biodiesel_Media, Jessica Robinson/Senior Communications Specialist
Biodiesel_DC, Michael Frohlich/Wash D.C. Dir. of Comm. (federal updates)
Biodiesel_Tech, Jordan Thaeler/Technical Projects Manager
Biodiesel_Earth, Don Scott/Director of Sustainability
Biodiesel_Info, Bev Thessen/Information Coordinator

Hey Joe Jobe. I don’t see you on the list!

If you or your company needs some help figuring this whole Twitter thing out then contact me anytime. You can follow Domestic Fuel on Twitter too.

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